Dorotheea Petre is the Romanian actress who won the Special Award for the Best Actress of the Cannes Film Festival Jury in 2006, for the lead in “The Way I spent the End of the World”, by Catalin Mitulescu. This award was created for her – Un Certain Regard never gave interpretation awards until then – and it is one of the most important interpretation awards ever received by a Romanian actor.


In 2007, the same role in the Mitulescu’s film, brought Dorotheea the Gopo Trophy for the Best Actress, at the first edition of the Gopo Awards Gala; the Best Actress Award from the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN), and the President of Romania raised her to the rank of Cavalier through awarding her the Cultural Merit Medal for “the talent and artistic sensibility wherewith she acts”.


Dorotheea Petre was born on the 9th of January 1981, in Bucharest. She spent her childhood in Eforie Nord and graduated the Constantin Bratescu Pedagogical College in Constanta. After high-school, she graduated the I.L. Caragiale National University of Theatric and Cinematographic Arts (UNATC) in 2006, whereat she was admitted when she was 22 years-old.


In 2005, she makes her acting debut in the feature “Ryna”, directed by Ruxandra Zenide and distinguished with over 30 international awards, wherewith she was the lead and won the trophy for The Best Debut at the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF). Then, followed the Special Jury Award at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival.


In 2005, she is cast in “The Way I spent the End of the World” production, where she is the lead. For this part, Dorotheea Petre receives the title of “The Best Actress” of 2007 by the Film Critics and Specialty Journalists Association, but also the Gopo Award for “The Best Actress in a Lead Role” and the UCIN award for “The Best Actress”.


In 2008, Dorotheea Petre is the lead in the Italian film “Black Sea”about a young woman from Romania who leaves for Italy to work and ends up being the best friend of the old lady she takes care of. In 2009, she wins the Special Jury Award for the Best Actress at the Magna Graecia Film Festival for the role of Angela in this film.


The next year, Dorotheea plays the part of Ana, the nurse, in the Switzerland - Romania – France co-production “The Childhood of Icarus”, and in 2010, she was also cast in the role of the mother in the short “Music in my Blood” by Alexandru Mavrodineanu, after a screenplay written together with Catalin Mitulescu.


With each performance, Dorotheea Petre distinguished herself through her extraordinary expressiveness and a discreet and effortless acting style. The characters interpreted by Dorotheea have mysterious and tender feeling to them, while also giving off purity, sensuality and wildness. “For me, acting has also been a state of spirit, a privileged state where you can see the world under a magnifier, and that is fascinating and very entertaining. Many of us have dreamed at least once to be actors, to be applauded and admired. Acting truly is a dream that can easily be transformed in reality because in acting, many times, things are simpler than we think. In order to be a good actor you don’t need schools, but sincerity, the pleasure of playing and attention. It is, first of all, a way of knowing yourself, of overcoming your limits and inhibitions, of trusting yourself”, says Dorotheea Petre.


In addition to her cinematographic activity, Dorotheea has a soul project – an acting school dedicated to developing acting skills through classes and workshops, generically called “Fii actor/Be an Actor” ( ).


The classes of the “Fii actor/Be an Actor” school are for those who love acting, regardless of their training and age, and they are conceived to help them train their mind, body, voice and spirit, either because they want to excel on the stage, in front of the camera, or in different aspects of their lives. Because to develop as an actor is to develop as a person. “I want this school to be a place where people with whom I share the love for acting to enjoy the extraordinary pleasure of acting, regardless is they consider acting as a hobby or if they want to convert this passion in a profession. Acting is about choices. About the way wherein you choose to ascertain, build and negotiate relationships. Acting is the most beautiful way of knowing yourself, of discovering yourself in someone else. Because, the more you know yourself, the better actor you will become. Your talent lies in your choices”, argues the Romanian actress.



  • 2, 3..şi! (2010)
  • La soluzione migliore / E mai bine aşa (2010) – Laura
  • Music in my Blood (2010) – mama
  • The Whistleblower (2010)
  • The Childhood of Icarus  (2009) – infirmiera
  • Black Sea (2009) - Angela
  • The Way I spent the End of the World (2006) - Eva
  • Ryna (2005) - Ryna


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